Booking Conditions

BOOKING CONDITIONS – effective 01/01/2021

Registro Turismo A/MA/01317

OWNERS – Des and Vanessa Michael will accept bookings as owners of Apartment 811A, Skol Apartments, Marbella, based only on these terms and conditions.

The website is:

Email address is

Contact number is (UK) +44 (0) 7906 026747 

  1. The reservation will only be effected on receipt of appropriate non-refundable deposit.  Where a booking is made within 9 weeks of departure, the full payment must be enclosed.

  2. The balance of the total holiday price must be paid no less than 9 weeks prior to departure or as stated on the confirmation email.  If payment is not received by such date the owners reserves the right to cancel the holiday and the client could be liable to pay cancellation charges and lose his/her deposit.

  3. After acceptance of the booking, a holiday may only be cancelled by sending written notification to the owners by email to the above email address or where a booking is treated as cancelled under paragraph 2 of these conditions, the client will be liable to pay the agency cancellation charges in accordance at the higher of the following scale:

    Deposit when cancellation is 63 or more days before departure.
    40%, when cancellation is 62-42 days before departure.
    60%, when cancellation is 41-29 days before departure. 
    80%, when cancellation is 28-15 days before departure.
    100%, when cancellation is 14 days or less before departure.

  4. If, after having booked and paid a deposit for a holiday, the client wishes to a change of departure date of a holiday made within 6 weeks of departure may be treated as a cancellation of the client’s booking and the cancellation charges above would apply.  
  5. Clients must observe the rules of the community relating to any accommodation provided.  Any accommodation provided for clients may be used only for the accommodation of the persons stipulated on the booking, unless specifically agreed with the owners.  Subletting or assignment is not permitted.  The client shall be responsible for leaving the property let to him / her and the contents thereof in as good a state as the beginning of the letting and shall pay for any loss or damage thereto. 

  6. In the event of a client not leaving the accommodation in as good order as they found it on arrival, or for any damage caused, there will be a requirement for the client to pay to make good.
    The owners will not be held responsible for personal injury or loss / theft of personal belongings during your stay. It is a requirement that you have adequate holiday insurance in place.

  7. The owners shall not be under any liability to the clients except as expressly provided herein, in circumstances beyond the control of the owners and in the absence of negligence.

  8. The owners accepts no liability for any injury, sickness, loss, damage, additional expenses or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of alternation of itinerary, cancellation, schedules and/or timetables or through any act or default of any company or any firm.

  9. If you feel you have cause for complaint during your holiday, it is a legal requirement that you immediately report the matter to the owners or manager of the property who will do their best to help you.  If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you must record the details with our local agent and obtain written confirmation of the complaint lodged.  We regret we cannot accept liability in respect of complaints or claims of which we are not notified entirely in accordance with this clause as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem.

  10. Legal Jurisdiction:
    The Booking process and the use of our Web Site is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by English Law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts at all times.


We respectfully remind you that should you decide not to take out travel insurance, it is at your own risk and we cannot be responsible for claims where applicable, including accidents, injuries or loss of personal belongings.  We strongly recommend that you insure yourself and family to cover most eventualities.


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